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LCD Display PID Temperature Controllers


The TX Series temperature controllers feature easy-to-read LCD display with large, 15.3 mm white PV characters. The 11-segment displays used for PV and SV are useful for displaying alphanumeric characters. The temperature controllers also feature 50 ms high-speed sampling cycle and ±0.3% display accuracy. The TX Series also features a compact, space saving design with 45 mm depth. With a 30% reduction in rear-length size, the controllers offer installation flexibility in limited spaces. The temperature controllers also offer various output options including current output, transmission output and RS485 communication output, for application in various environment settings.

* 50 ms high-speed sampling and ±0.3% display accuracy
* Large LCD display with easy-to-read white PV characters
* Switch between current output and SSR drive output
* SSR drive output (SSRP function) control options: ON/OFF control, cycle control, phase control
* Communication output model available : RS485 (Modbus RTU)
* Parameter setting through PC (RS485 communication)
: Comprehensive device management software (DAQMaster) provided
* Compact, space-saving design with 45 mm depth
: 30% rear-length size reduction compared to similar-sized Autonics models (48 x 48 mm models)

※ Terminal protection cover sold separately : RSA-COVER


Push Button Type Photomicro Sensors

The BS5-P series push button type photomicro sensors are capable of accurate detection regardless of material, color, or reflectivity of target objects. Optical detection by button operation guarantees a higher mechanical life cycle than traditional mechanical switches, up to 5 million operations. The inclusion of 4 led operation indicators (side: 2, top: 2) allows better indication of operation status and the stainless steel mounting brackets provide higher durability during installation and operation.

* Button switch operation ensures accurate detection regardless of material, color, or reflectivity of target object
* Optimized for transport detection of semiconductor wafer enclosures (FOUP, FOSB, etc.)
* Emitter/receiver optical detection by button operation guarantees mechanical life cycle of 5 million operations (longer life cycle compared to mechanical push button switches)
* 4 red LED indicators (side: 2, top: 2) for higher visibility of operation status
* High durability with stainless steel mounting brackets
* Emitter OFF function and check stable operation functions
* Power supply reverse polarity protection circuit, output short-circuit protection circuit

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