Retro-futuristic Velleman Watch - $39.50


Super cool, Arduino powered digital watch that almost looks it could double as a time machine actuator. Tell time as a cool party trick or inadvertently hit a button and end up smack dab in the middle of the Peloponnesian War (you might want to brush up on your phalanx skills).


  • Arduino based
  • 24 amber coloured LEDs that are bright enough to be visible in broad daylight
  • single multipurpose button
  • black wristband included
  • pre-programmed reflex game and time view
  • easily re-programmable (by using the K1201: PROGRAMMING CRADLE FOR VELLEMAN WATCH or a USB to UART module)
  • Arduino library available
  • open-source


  • CPU: ATMega328p
  • RTC: PCF8523TS
  • stand-by current consumption: 2 µA
  • battery: CR2032 (not incl.)
  • battery life: 2 years (normal use)
  • diameter: 35 mm
  • wrist band width: 18 mm
  • wrist band material: synthetic black fabric
  • wrist band closing: steel buckle
  • height: 9.6 mm

New from SparkFun - Wireless Joystick Kit

New from SparkFun - Wireless Joystick Kit

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