Washington State Contract #04616 renewed for another 2 years until Dec 2020

We are pleased to announce the State of Washington Department of Enterprise Services will be renewing Contract #04616 - Illumination, Traffic Signal and Intelligent Transportation Systems Equipment - with URS for another two years (Jan 2019 to Dec2020).  The contract originated in December 2016, and with two year renewals options, is valid until January 31, 2025.
State of Washington DES Contract Specialist Mark Roush informed URS  that the formal contract renewal documents will be updated on the DES Procurement website before the current term expires on December 23, 2018.  The contract can be accessed via a Master Contract User Agreement (MCUA), by Washington State Agencies, Institutions of Higher Education, Political Sub-divisions, Federal Government Agencies, Public Benefit Non-Profit corporations and Federally recognized Indian tribes located in the State of Washington.  In addition, members of Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Program (ORCPP) can also access this contract.
Our portion of the contract has over 12 different product categories from 50 different prime manufacturers of electronics components for the DOT/ITS marketplace and other industrial electronic applications.  See the link to the brochure for the listing of product categories and manufacturers on the contract.
For additional questions, please contact our President Mark Twietmeyer. 

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